23 Jul

A Sign of the Times: Workplace Safety and Technologies

Even for the most advanced manufacturers, navigating the new normal is a challenge. Many want to return to work, but vital concerns about worker health and safety run rampant. In just a matter of weeks, the global distribution market fluctuated to extremes we not seen in 100 years. The COVID-19 outbreak has highlighted inefficiencies in the way companies monitor and track employee health and safety, as well as mobile technologies’ safety and security risks. Companies now more than ever before are pressed to find solutions that reassure employees the workplace is safe and the devices, they are using are reliable and secure.

It is no surprise mobile technologies, including a smartphone, scanner, or tablet, can often be overlooked as a safety and security tool. As security risks and attacks are becoming increasingly sophisticated, endpoints are becoming popular targets, including networked thermal printers. Securing your companies entire network is critical to ensuring complete protection of your organization’s digital assets and infrastructure. Warehouses are filled with a variety of connected technology, which is why allows for many entry points for unauthorized access. It is crucial that each connection is controlled carefully to ensure information is protected and available to authorized users only.

Investing in a high-resolution micro-label printer can often deter theft and provide track-and-trace assistance should inventory go missing. No matter what kind of label printer you use, it is essential to ensure that both the label printer and labels themselves are designed to combat ink fading, tampering, and even normal wear and tear. The label also always needs to be readable, whether by a barcode scanner or an overhead RFID reader.

Take a close, hard look at the label printers in your warehouse and ask yourself if they can produce the type of cards and labels you need to improve your warehouse safety and security? If not, contact The SMS Group to learn how we can help upgrade your printers.

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