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Wearable Tech: Why Ring Scanners Are a Good Investment Now

Where will your warehousing operation be in five years? Research suggests that the answer to that question depends on how well your team is able to accomplish three important goals:

  • Decrease your order turnaround timeRS6000 Ring
  • Eliminate shipment errors
  • Increase your inventory accuracy

The last of these is perhaps the most important. Improving your inventory accuracy, even by only 1%, has tremendous business impact, influencing your pick-to-ship cycle time and reducing the money you spend on expediting orders.

These essential goals are challenged by the fact that warehousing operations are expected to grow in complexity over the next five years, with an average increase of 60% in SKUS expected by 2020.

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21 Sep

Picking Parts More Efficiently: How Connectivity Helps

When it comes to improving the pick and pack process, there are three big questions to consider:

  • How can we speed the process up?
  • How can we keep costs down?
  • How can we add more value and keep our customers happy?

When these questions are successfully answered, the results are tremendous. Fast, efficient pick/pack functions delight customers (which leads to more sales) and save money for the whole company.

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Finding the Right Data Collection Solution: Key Questions to Ask Yourself – and Your Provider

When it comes to automating manual processes in the warehouse, distribution center, or on the factory floor, the right technology and the right solution provider are two critical pieces that can make implementation a success.  At the same time, your mid-size business rules may not be a direct fit with the enterprise software and solutions that are being offered today. Finding a technology provider who will learn your business and create a system to maximize your strengths is one of the most important decisions you can make.

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