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3 Ways to Be Sure That Your Field Mobility Strategy Will Work

When it comes to field service, ensuring ROI is no easy task. Outside of your building, unpredictable factors like traffic, weather, and unfamiliar locations make it more difficult to feel certain that you’ve chosen the right strategy.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve your confidence in your field mobility strategy. Zebra’s blog highlights three driving forces behind effective field mobility strategy. By familiarizing yourself with these important principles, you ensure that your technology investment meets the needs of your field service team and empowers them to serve your customers and perform effectively.
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26 Oct

Improving Field Service Workflow

Technologies like barcode scanners, RFID tags, and other data collection tools are increasingly deployed in factories and warehouses around the world. As it turns out, taking these technologies outside the four walls of your facility can help your business too.

With more than 7 of every ten field service workers expected to use mobile technology devices by 2018[i], the power of these systems isn’t a secret anymore. More and more organizations are realizing the power of data collection technology to help their field service workflow run smoothly. So can you.
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