As distributors, manufacturers, and retailers continue to invest in automated processes, barcode and RFID labeling mandates are becoming more common. Receiving a fine for a missing, inaccurate, or defective label can be frustrating and costly. If you are manually entering information for these labels, chargebacks may be a regular source of profit loss. Fortunately, The SMS Group’s compliance labeling solutions can help.

No more chargebacks.

No matter what the specifications of your vendor’s labeling standards are, The SMS Group will work with you to create a streamlined, reliable labeling process. Our experts have the experience to create solutions that work quickly and accurately, whatever your industry or size of operations. We will assist in implementation and provide for your hardware and technology needs.

Comply with labeling standards

Chargebacks, bill-backs, or fines add frustration and damage your profits. Our solutions make it simple to generate compliant RFID or barcode labels every time.

Improve tracking capabilities

Label printing and tracking processes can also capture data, allowing you to track, analyze, and discover new efficiencies.

Accelerate invoice payment

Accurate and compliant labeling increases the speed at which your vendor or distributor receives and processes your product. Increasing throughput for your vendor increases demand for your product and returns invoice payments faster.

Add value to your product

Compliance labeling shoulders the logistical burden for your vendors, adding measurable value to any product line.

Additional Solutions

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