Returnable shipping containers are meant to be returned. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Every year, thousands of containers (also known as returnable transport items, or RTIs) are lost in the supply chain. These lost containers often cost manufacturers over $100,000 per year, and add a severe complication to efforts towards lean, efficient business processes.

How can The SMS Group help?

The SMS Group’s passion is collecting and integrating information that helps you do business better. We created our container tracking solution to do just that. By combining hardware, software, implementation, and support services, The SMS Group makes it easy to recover or be reimbursed for lost containers.

Reliable hardware

RFID technology is the heart of The SMS Group’s container tracking solution. At dock doors, portals or mobile computing devices track outbound containers, requiring little to no labor input. The containers are equipped with passive RFID tags—a sturdy, cost-effective tracking option. This system delivers data on exactly when and where containers have been shipped.

Built for your business

As hardware collects the raw data, The SMS Group delivers information in a format you can use. Our programs are tailored to work with the systems you already use, such as ERP software. We can even create custom apps so that your iPhone, tablet, or Android device instantly alert you to overdue containers, create an audit trail for lost items, and provide the information you need to recover containers or be reimbursed for their replacement.

Painless implementation

From installing RFID readers to integrating software systems, The SMS Group undertakes the installation process to guarantee operational effectiveness. Our onsite team will guide you through the process of setup and training to ensure that your team can leverage the full capabilities of your system.

Continued support

Our certified technical support team takes pride in delivering timely, effective support for any issues. We take pride in keeping your system running smoothly, and are available is available M-F, 8:00 am-5:00 pm EDT, with after-hours support available upon request.

Additional Solutions

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