Are inefficiencies in the picking and packing process undermining your profits? Many manufacturers strive to eliminate waste in the production cycle, never realizing that the packing process can be one of the largest sources of shrinkage and inefficiency. Pack verification solutions combat this source of loss, helping your packing and shipping processes run smoothly.

Ensure shipping perfection

With decades of experience in the manufacturing and logistics industries, The SMS Group has the expertise to help you analyze the problem and create a solution that works for your business. Using barcode or RFID technology, The SMS Group creates systems that track each model and serial number on every skid or pallet. This data can be automatically collected and compared to client orders to ensure accuracy, and recorded to provide audit records in case of any discrepancies.

Hardware that works

The SMS Group will help you consider cost, ruggedness, and versatility to choose the right hardware for your business.

Less time, less touches

Manual recording processes take more time and are a source of human error. Automated processes free your team to work faster, error-free.

Avoid inventory shortages

Pack verification solutions provide instant feedback, allowing you to adjust production in real-time to avoid inventory shortages.

Resolve invoice discrepancies

In the event of an invoice dispute, chargeback, or other discrepancy, automatically-generated records allow you to prove which items were shipped on which dates.

Additional Solutions

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