The delivery process is a crucial touchpoint between you and your customers. Using outmoded proof of delivery systems adds inefficiency and uncertainty to the delivery process. Recording losses, damage, and other sources of shrinkage can introduce delays and uncertainty to your tight delivery schedules.

Delivery confirmation made easy

Proof of delivery solutions from The SMS Group allows drivers (or other employees in the field) to automatically capture data about deliveries. Scanning, photos, electronically captured signatures, and GPS tracking are all available to ensure accurate delivery reporting. RFID tags can also allow drivers to record delivery information without leaving their vehicle.

Streamline deliveries

Pencil-and-paper delivery confirmation consumes time and is prone to human error. Employ POD solutions from The SMS Group to enhance driver productivity and get your products moving faster.

Solve discrepancies

Capture signatures electronically and automatically record every aspect of the delivery process. With delivery information at your fingertips, any discrepancies can be resolved quickly.

Improve delivery processes

Information captured during the delivery process can feed seamlessly into your existing database, ERP system, or other management software. Generate reports to analyze your deliveries to find new efficiencies.

Make decisions in real time

With automated POD solutions from The SMS Group, it is possible to track shipments in real time. Up-to-the-moment information allows you to react and make decisions quickly in a dynamic business environment.

Additional Solutions

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