27 May

Effective asset tracking can bring inventory numbers you can count on.

To adapt to rising shipping demands, warehouses must choose proper inventory management and effective asset tracking solutions that maintain an accurate view over where assets are located.

Effective tracking solutions reduce errors and expenses with real-time inventory visibility. However, when left unchecked, studies show that inventory issues like stockouts, delays, and bottlenecks can inflate operational costs by 62%. Additionally, studies suggest that a mere 6% of companies report complete visibility of their supply chain. Without effective tracking solutions like RFID that minimize inventory issues and boost visibility, businesses could be unaware of lost assets and lost inventory, which ultimately sucks away expenses, energy, and customers. It is estimated that 34% of businesses have shipped an order late due to selling a product that wasn’t in stock, and this figure is expected to climb as product demand grows towards the end of the year. Simply put, without dependable inventory visibility, late orders and ineffective inventory management break consumer trust.

RFID still stands as a leading solution. Here’s why:

Growing inventory volumes cause out-of-stocks and delays warehouses can’t afford. That’s why The SMS Group is portal certified and partners with Zebra to provide automated inventory and asset tracking solutions built with Zebra’s integrated RFID portals and fixed RFID readers. Unlike traditional barcoding technologies, RFID scanning empowers workflows to…

  1. Enhance read accuracy and maximize efficiency – Sustaining accurate read rates make inventory management easier and more efficient. Zebra’s Integrated RFID portals, equipped with fixed RFID readers, reduce erroneous reads with a proven design equipped with specialized antennas that tune out cross-talk. Higher accuracy and efficient read rates boost visibility and empower companies to manage inventory and optimize workflows.
  2. Ensure operations with purpose-built engineering – Technology that is specifically designed for tougher environments reduces downtime and controls costs with more consistent productivity. Zebra’s Integrated RFID portals are specifically built to withstand T&L, manufacturing, and healthcare operations. This helps maintain a more consistent inventory and asset tracking solution to meet business demands.
  3. Improve the customer experience with full integration Other solutions must be assembled on site with third-party components, which can be complex and confusing for workers. With fully assembled products from Zebra, they are fully assembled for easy deployment and are fully compatible with Zebra’s broad portfolio of RFID and location systems. This creates a smoother customer experience throughout the product’s lifecycle.

Implementing an effective asset tracking solution can reduce errors and cut costs. Contact us at The SMS Group to see how Zebra’s Integrated RFID portals can redefine inventory management.

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