22 Jan

Four Cybersecurity Myths Putting Your Company at Risk

Every type of organization is at risk of a cyber- attack, and the most crucial defense is knowledge. By gaining perspective, insight, and understanding of the threats, organizations can take essential steps to mitigate them. We recently outlined five steps organizations in the manufacturing industry should take to combat cybersecurity threats and in this blog post, we debunk four common cyber security myths.

Myth #1: Our organization isn’t large enough to be a target.

Reality: Small businesses account for 58% of malware attacks, according to Verizon’s 2019 Data Breach Investigations Report. No matter the size of your company, today’s global community of hackers are creating advanced threats. While no technology can prevent 100% of the attacks from occurring, implementing the best practices for effective mobile manufacturing will help protect your organization’s digital assets.

Myth #2: Our organization hasn’t had a breach, so our cybersecurity works.

Reality: A breach may have already occurred. Every business that uses hardware, software or electronic communication needs to be aware that any digital device with an operating system can be susceptible to an attack.  Research from our partners at Zebra shows that it can take a company as long as 197 days to detect a security breach within the system they use.  

Myth #3: Security hurts productivity.

Reality: A breach can bring your business to a grinding halt. Partnering with a company like The SMS Group is vital. We understand the importance of using technology to increase data collection, speed and accuracy.

Myth# 4: Only certain industries are vulnerable to attacks.

Reality: Any industry is vulnerable to an attack, but certain sectors are more prone than others to specific kinds of attacks due to factors, such as their business model, the type of data transmitted and retained, customer base, and even the various technologies needed to secure their environment. The manufacturing industry has been experiencing an increase in financially motivated breaches in the past couple of years, with most breaches involve phishing and the use of stolen credentials.

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