19 May

How to Save Big Money on New Mobile and Data Capture Devices

Controlling costs is always a priority for any business, but it is especially important when you are making significant investments in mobile and data capture technologies.  Our team at The SMS Group is working with Zebra to bring a major trade-in savings program to our customers, to help them save up to hundreds of dollars per device when they trade in and replace their aging and outdated devices.


Mobile computers, tablets, barcode scanners and label printers are mission-critical for mobile workflows and data capture, but they can add up to significant costs when it’s time to upgrade and replace your devices with newer, higher-performance technologies. If you do not make the investment, you might be stuck with technologies that are holding back your workforce, slowing down business processes, or incompatible with your future needs. Or, you might run the risk of running older devices with an operating system that’s no longer supported and isn’t providing security patches to keep your hardware and data safe. But next-generation mobile, scanning and printing technologies are often our best weapon when it comes to automating processes, getting work done more efficiently, reducing manual labor costs, and having better visibility into our operations.


The GO Zebra Trade-In Program is a timely and ideal option for many of our customers. With GO Zebra, available through The SMS Group, you can trade in your outdated hardware, including qualifying non-Zebra devices, and save up to $650 per device when you purchase the latest Zebra solutions.


Trade-in savings are available a wide range of Zebra products, including:


  • Handheld industrial mobile computers
  • Smartphone-style touch computers
  • Rugged enterprise tablets
  • Industrial and mobile printers
  • Wearable mobile computers
  • Vehicle-mounted mobile computers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Wearable ring barcode scanners
  • Card printers
  • Select charging stations
  • Mobile printer batteries


The GO Zebra program is a great way to take advantage of the latest technological breakthroughs without paying full price. And it’s also timely for businesses that are running non-supported Windows devices, including Windows Embedded Handheld mobile computers.

Zebra’s complete portfolio of Android devices provides an ideal future pathway for the post-Windows mobile future, including a more intuitive and user-friendly interface and touch mobile computing that makes business apps and workflows as simple as tapping on a screen or swiping to enter data.


A case in point is Zebra’s new MC9300 Android industrial touch mobile computer. It has a modern touch interface, octa-core processing power, vastly greater memory, extended battery life, and advanced barcode scanning to capture everything from poorly printed barcodes to documents and signatures. It combines these features with a rugged industrial design and a physical keypad to create the ultimate next-generation handheld mobile computer.


It’s just one of the many ways Zebra and The SMS Group is revolutionizing mobile workflows and data capture for our customers, helping them get improve their automation, productivity, and efficiency, and helping them get better value out of their technology investments while saving money in the process.

Let Us Help

To learn more about the available savings from this trade-in program, visit our GO Zebra page now to get more details, download our GO Zebra brochure, and contact our team to find out if your devices are eligible and how much you can save.

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