06 Jan

Is RFID Right for You?

“Businesses around the world are deploying RFID technologies across a wide range of sectors in order to improve customer service and efficiencies, as well as lower their expenses.” –RFID Journal, 2015

RFID technology continues to increase its footprint in the business landscape. If you are wondering if RFID can help your business, consider these four questions.

  1. How valuable is real-time inventory visibility in your warehouses or across your supply chain?
    RFID technology makes up-to-the-second visibility of assets, products, and materials possible. If real-time information is important for you or your customers, RFID may be right for you.
  2. Does your supply chain lose value in receiving and shipping processes?
    Slow or inaccurate receiving and shipping processes can be major bottlenecks in several industries. If your production experiences downtime due to slow receiving procedures, or if inaccurate shipping processes are hurting your profitability, consider RFID. RFID systems can improve pick-to-ship cycle time, and regularly achieve 99.9% record accuracy.[i]
  3. Do you have products that require lifecycle tracking or are subject to counterfeiting?
    If shrinkage is a concern, RFID technology may be your solution. By tagging products, pallets, or assets with RFID, companies can create detailed audit trails of their individual locations. Companies using RFID have achieved an 18% reduction in shrinkage.[ii]
  4. Do you have lost returnable containers in your supply chain?
    Are you writing a check every year for containers that you have sent out into the supply chain, only to never see them again? Writing a six figure check for assets that you already own , but cannot track is a perfect reason to use RFID Container tracking. With RFID you will no longer continue losing containers and losing profits due to lack of visibility of your container assets.

If you’re considering RFID for your business, contact The SMS Group. Our sales staff and technicians are RFID certified and can work with you to implement a phased approach to rollout applications and processes in your facilities, maintain compliance and improve workflow.

To set up a time to talk about how we can help you operate more efficiently, please click here or give us a call at 937-498-2700.


[i] https://www.zebra.com/content/dam/zebra/white-papers/en-us/ent-wide-data-collection-en-us.pdf

[ii] Langoc & Romanow, 2005. RFID and Retail

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