6 Ways RFID Technology can Increase Operational Efficiency & Increase ROI

6 Ways RFID Technology can Increase Operational Efficiency & Increase ROI


6 Ways RFID Technology can Increase Operational Efficiency & Increase ROI

As of 2014, only 29.4% of manufacturing managers have visibility to real-time asset data.
Many managers estimate their inventory accuracy at 80%.
Research suggests that number is closer to 63%.
RFID Technology gives managers accurate, real-time inventory visibility.
But how does RFID deliver ROI?

1 – Avoid chargebacks

  • RFID technology enables the automatic generation of ASNs (Advance Ship Notices).
    • Chargeback incidence reduction: 54.3%

2 – Recover shipping assets

  • Tracking returnable transport items (or RTIs) with RFID technology can generate significant savings.
    • Reduction in overall RTI stock size: 14.1%
    • Cost reduction in asset investment: 5.5%
    • Average time to ROI for RTI tracking: less than 12 months

3 – Reduce manual count time

  • Time to scan 10,000 items with a barcode reader: 53 hours
  • Time to scan 10,000 items with RFID: 2 hours

4 – Slash safety stock

  • Average reduction in safety stock requirements: 27%
  • Net savings from reduced safety stock: 10-30%

5 – Accelerate accounts receivable

  • Automatic shipment verification and invoicing eliminates invoicing disputes and reduces billing cycles, in some cases from 30-45 days to just minutes.
  • One U.S. B2B manufacturer reduced AR disputes by 40%.

6 – Minimize Shrink

RFID technology allows companies to create detailed audit trails for individual products, tools, and equipment.

  • Average reduction in shrinkage: 18%

Bottom-line impact of RFID

Supply chain cost reduction: 3-5%

Average revenue increase: 2-7%

“Although RFID implementations are not without costs and risks, typical companies in manufacturing, warehousing and distribution and retail have been known to achieve 200% ROI or more from these projects.” -Tom Pisello, author and entrepreneur

Installing systems that leverage the capabilities of RFID is a complicated process.

Partner with the SMS Group. Our passion is data collection and integration—bringing you the tools that bring clarity to your business.

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Did you know that less than half of manufacturing managers have access to accurate, real-time data about the location and status of their assets and inventory? In manufacturing, as in other industries, inaccurate information can cost you.

RFID is a proven technology designed to deliver accurate, real-time inventory visibility. Its capabilities are impressive, but its most important feature is its impact on your bottom line.

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