RFID Smart Labels for Reusable Container Management

RFID Smart Labels for Reusable Container Management

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Throughout many industries goods are moved from numerous points within the supply chain in what has been intended to be a “returnable/reusable” container. While the expectation is that these containers will be returned and accurately accounted for, the reality can be quite different. Many organizations use barcode labels or other paper based processes in an attempt to track containers and their returns.Those methods are dependent on the workforce to actively and consistently scan the barcodes or follow the paper return trail. Additionally, the repeated phases that reusable containers are exposed to such as handling, transportation, and cleaning can all have adverse effects on the tracking system elements. All this can result in missed scans, missing labels, or misplaced paperwork which in turn leads to unreliable or incomplete data. Furthermore the need to replace “lost” reusable containers can be costly, resulting in hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars. It’s clear that without an effective tracking system able to control the movement of containers both outgoing and incoming, any expected ROI is greatly diminished or eliminated.

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