The Rise of Mobile Technology in Manufacturing

The Rise of Mobile Technology in Manufacturing

The Rise of Mobile Technology in Manufacturing

Mobile technology is growing rapidly across every industry

  • 72% more devices managed in the enterprise from 2014 to 2015[1]
  • 33% predicted growth of mobility in manufacturing through 2017[2]

Manufacturing CEOs have taken note 

  • Mobility is the top technology priority among CEOs[3]
  • 73% of industrial manufacturing CEOs see mobile technologies as being strategically important[4]

They’re turning to mobile technology for a smarter, safer, more efficient workplace

  • More than 50% of manufacturers surveyed want real-time messaging between machines and people[5]
  • 86% want reliable communications to help them improve worker safety[6]
  • Manufacturers who incorporate mobile applications into their processes saved a daily average of 42 minutes per employee [7]

And to increase employee availability

  • 75% of manufacturers surveyed replied that being able to reach workers anywhere was important[8]

But the advantages of mobile manufacturing don’t stop there

Forward-thinking companies are implementing mobile technology to reap benefits like:

  • Mobile inventory management and asset tracking
  • Faster maintenance and repair response
  • Improved quality control
  • Accurate labor tracking
  • Real-time fleet management
  • More effective field sales
  • And more

Developing your own custom app could be the key to increased performance

  • 80%of manufacturing companies developed mobile apps in 2013[9]
  • Enterprise mobility apps have been shown to boost productivity by 5 – 10%[10]


Organizations that have the ability to act on real-time data and communicate in real time are more competitive and get a better ROI. Want to bring mobility to your business? Want to develop your own app? The SMS Group can help. Contact us on our website or call 937-498-2700.












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From more accurate tracking to speedier sales cycles, mobile technology is revolutionizing manufacturing. With the great impact mobile devices and apps have had on many other industries, manufacturing CEOs have taken note and are making mobility their top technology priority.

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