In many cases, leasing equipment may be preferable to purchasing. The SMS Group will work with you to develop lease structures tailored to the needs of your business.

Benefits of Leasing Through The SMS Group

Budget flexibility

Whether you are an established company or you’re just starting out, tying up your budget with large capital investments can be a strain. Instead, consider creating a lease structure through The SMS Group. Options include variable lease payments, equipment upgrades, and early termination.

Risk protection

Equipment breaks down sometimes. Instead of paying for maintenance or replacements, consider leasing through The SMS Group. Access top-of-the-line technology without the risks.

Cutting-edge technology

With traditional ownership models, you can get locked into using obsolete equipment. Wireless technology advances rapidly, but with The SMS Group’s leasing options, you can upgrade whenever you need.

Equipment available

  • Barcode printers
  • Barcode scanners
  • Wireless equipment
  • Monitors

Equipment available

  • RFID scanners
  • Radio frequency terminals
  • Batch portable data terminals

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