The software engineers at The SMS Group developed our Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) application, which extends the functionality of SAP B1 to your plant and warehouse floor. Instead of having to walk back-and-forth to a desktop PC, which wastes time and invites human error, our simple mobile app lets you capture and validate data as well as perform transactions from virtually anywhere in your operations. You can do it all with an SAP certified application that runs on a rugged handheld mobile computer or tablet and integrates seamlessly with SAP B1. With SFDC, you can capture data and record transactions quickly and accurately with the same device you use to run the app. The app connects directly to SAP B1 and records transactions in real-time.

Using this mobile solution, you can eliminate stacks of barcoded documents that typically clutter the shop floor. You can simply scan a purchase order, shipper, or job order number and then electronically select the items to be received, shipped, and issued. You can also use the app to rapidly find inventory locations and easily store, transfer, or issue material. It’s a timely, efficient and mobile way to get data into SAP B1 with an easy-to-use touchscreen and keypad-supported app that runs on Windows CE, Android and iOS devices.

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