Like building a house on a crumbling foundation, adding new devices or applications to an out-of-date wireless infrastructure can lead to trouble. Since wireless infrastructure is the foundation of business computing efficiency, The SMS Group is committed to helping you put the right wireless systems in place.


Our wireless infrastructure knowledge, garnered from experience with companies of all sizes around the world will, is at your disposal. We will advise you on planning every aspect of your wireless system.

  • Performance: We will help you choose the right level of investment in equipment to support your current devices and your plans for the future.
  • Reliability: We can ensure that your systems are set up for dependable everyday use in a rugged environment, and offer support services to keep you running productively.
  • Coverage: We will map the layout of your building to eliminate “dead zones” and meet your connectivity needs.
  • Security: We will advise you on the right levels of protection and encryption to keep your information safe.


The proper installation of your wireless infrastructure will ensure that you get peak performance from your system while using your space efficiently. We will install physical devices and software to get you completely connected.

Ongoing Support

As your business grows, we will ensure that your wireless network supports all of your devices and applications. You can rely on The SMS Group to constantly support your business needs. Whether you need troubleshooting, repair, or continued training, our expert staff is on call to keep your business running smoothly.

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