14 Dec

Warehouse Technology: Android vs. Legacy Devices

The U.S. warehouse market is heating up, and the demand for new mobile technologies is soaring. Outdated Windows devices running green-screen applications aren’t designed to match the speed and volume of today’s on-demand economy.

To compete in a new warehouse environment in which e-commerce has raised delivery speed expectations, organizations need to quickly train front-line workers to fill orders more efficiently.

We examined the pros and cons of using legacy mobile devices compared to Zebra Android devices in today’s warehouse environment. Here’s what was found:

  • Greater order-fulfillment speed. The intuitive Android user interface and modern touch-screen technology combine to yield 40% faster data entry
  • Higher fulfillment accuracy- Empowered with the flexibility to easily add soft buttons, on-screen keypads and photos of products to Android’s larger touch displays, workers can reliably capture barcode data faster, from near and far distances — with 60% fewer errors
  • Enhanced training Zebra Android’s familiar, intuitive touch-screen interface cuts training time for both permanent and temporary workers, giving them the confidence to work fast
  • Continuous uptime- Fast charging, hot-swap batteries and more reliable Wi-Fi connectivity keep workers productive.

As system designers and integrators, The SMS Group works with Zebra’s high-quality and cost-effective technologies to enable real-time data capture, visibility, and workflow efficiency. We leverage Zebra’s unmatched innovation and extensive product portfolio, along with our software solutions to solve your unique business challenges, so you can stop struggling with manual processes and data blindness and start getting real bottom-line results. Contact us today to learn more about custom app development.

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