13 Mar

Why the “Right” Mobile Devices Increase Your Competitive Advantage

While some things get better with age, mobile devices are not one of them. In fact, according to Zebra’s Selecting the Right Mobile Device white paper, old mobile devices or the wrong device “can frustrate users, decrease productivity, increase costs, and potentially introduce safety risks.”

Warehousing, manufacturing, and logistics companies and their employees require rugged devices that enable intuitive product, shipment, asset, and productivity tracking, along with inventory management and cross-docking capabilities. In addition, mobile devices should be secure and future proof—all of which require updating mobile devices on a regular basis.

According to Field Technologies Online, today’s enterprise mobile devices are becoming more like the devices we carry with us every day, with physical and technological improvements that make it easier for workers to use. Improved user interfaces, faster operating speeds and bigger screens make it easier for workers to be productive and companies to service. These benefits can also result in increased workforce efficiency and reduced long-term expenses. For manufacturers looking to stay competitive, the advantages of upgrading mobile devices cannot be overlooked. 

Consumer-grade specs drive productivity

Ruggedized mobile device manufacturers are taking their lead from what’s working with consumers. Enterprise devices are becoming less clunky, faster, and include improved user interfaces (UI). Updated UI make devices more intuitive to operate, increasing workforce adoption and productivity. This is especially good news as mobile devices run increasingly more complex applications.

In addition, mobile device displays are becoming bigger. According to VDC research report, Taking Stock of the Rugged Handheld and Rugged Smartphone Product Portfolio, “Devices with 4-in. displays or larger were found on 19 percent of rugged devices in 2015; that grew to 31 percent in 2016. Those displays also have higher resolutions.”

Faster processing with modern operating systems

While many workers prefer a less clunky device with a larger screen, a less noticeable feature of the evolving rugged device is its faster processing speed. Manufacturing, warehousing, and logistics companies work in a fast-paced, just-in-time environment, so the quick operating system provided by modern processors is a requirement, not a nice to have. And, with Windows sunsetting its enterprise mobile processors, “Android is gaining market share (growing from 24 percent in 2015 to nearly 37 percent of the rugged handheld product portfolio in 2016), while Windows is losing ground.”[1] 

Updated mobile devices are a competitive requirement

Outdated mobile devices can be more difficult to use, less secure, and less adaptable than your workforce requires. With modern rugged devices offering so much more, it may be time to take advantage and upgrade to a user-friendly, future-proof solution.

If you’re looking for a partner to guide you through your mobile device upgrade process, get in touch with The SMS Group. Our team can help you find the right systems, lead you through the process of purchase and installation, and make sure that your applications make the most of today’s technology. Contact us online to learn more or call 937-498-2700.

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[1] Field Technologies Online

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