20 Nov

Wireless Charging: The Innovation Warehouses Need

Wireless charging has become mainstream in cell phones and is expanding to include many other devices, including tablets, laptops, and other consumer devices. This revolutionary technology is also becoming a key technology in various industries, including retail, transportation, logistics, and manufacturing.


These industries have a long history of relying on handheld computers and bar code scanners, but because these devices were failing to charge, employees’ productivity became significantly impacted.  Hectic and fast-paced warehouse environments require great employee focus and zero wasted motions. Using the right wireless hardware for data collection in the warehouse is essential.


Before wireless charging, companies had to plan for extra devices and docking stations due to expected failures attributed to contact maintenance and failure. Wireless charging puts an end to charging contact failures and eliminates the cost of executing maintenance work.

Additional benefits include:

  • Elimination of wires and special charging adapters
  • Increased product life by removing charging contacts, a known failure point
  • Improved worker productivity


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