07 Feb

Work Faster, Reduce Errors: Android and Apple Devices Drive Productivity

Mobile devices are a double-edged sword—improving productivity for a stronger bottom line while also, if not properly maintained, posing a risk to your network security. The stakes become even higher for companies using devices supported by Microsoft as the company plans to phase out its support for mobile by 2020. Not only will Windows mobile devices no longer receive security patches, they will also continue to fall behind devices supported by Android and Apple, becoming slower and more obsolete.

Consider how productive your company could be if employees weren’t waiting on technology to keep up. Need proof? Look no further than this video, which shows a Windows device and an Android device operating the same application side-by-side.

As the video shows, the Android operator enjoys faster login, data processing, and data entering. Applications operating on an Android platform also have an improved user experience, eliminating unnecessary windows and reducing tedious typing and other time-consuming activities. Spoiler Alert: With all of these efficiencies, the same application operates 14 seconds faster on the Android device versus the Windows device.

According to the video, companies using Android devices realize:

  • 39% increase in productivity
  • 60% decrease in error-rate

Companies using mobile devices supported by Windows, however, still have the opportunity to transition to a future-proof platform. Take the time to plan rather than the time to wait for your device to catch up.


Watch the Video


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