01 Aug

10 Tips to Ensure Successful Barcode Implementation

Bar Code Scanning , 3d rendered image.

The benefits of barcodes are plenty—barcodes are a great way to increase accuracy, productivity, speed, and efficiency of data management. If your business is ready to achieve benefits like those, keep these tips in mind to ensure successful barcode implementation.

  1. Define your company’s goals
    • What are you looking to get out of implementing a barcode system? There is no one solution that fits every company’s needs. Map out your specific goals before moving forward.
  2. Assess which processes will change
    • Determine the areas of your business that will be affected by your new barcode system. If the cost of change looks to be higher than the newfound benefits, it probably won’t be worth it to make the change.
  3. Ensure integration with existing systems
    • Make sure that any new system you implement integrates with your existing warehouse management system or ERP—a challenge that is frequently overlooked by many companies.
  4. Start small
    • Try implementing barcodes in just one area of your operations. This will allow you to determine if they are right for your business without making the large investment of full-scale implementation.
  5. Explore equipment options
    • There are a lot of different devices on the market. Make sure to choose the right ones for your business—after all, it doesn’t make sense to buy scanners that can’t read at the required range of your labels! Be sure to also find out the level of service you can expect from each hardware vendor you are considering.
  6. Choose the right material
    • Barcodes often experience harsh conditions. Test out your labels in the actual areas they will be used to ascertain if they will hold up to environmental rigors.
  7. Print or purchase?
    • Decide if you want to print your own labels in-house or purchase them from an outside provider. 
  8. Get team buy-in
    • By selecting members from every department that will use or be affected by a new barcode system, you can ensure that your whole team is engaged and equipped for success.
  9.  Keep up with current technology
    • Technology is always advancing. Staying abreast of new developments and trends will keep your business operating as efficiently as possible. 
  10. Get Help
    • Enlisting an expert is the easiest way to ensure smooth and successful barcode implementation. From planning, to installation, to training, to ongoing support, The SMS Group can help. Contact us today.
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