05 Oct

Best Practices for Effective Mobile Manufacturing

The challenges manufacturers face daily are not new, but what once was enough to get the job done is no longer, and now organizations have to embrace the technology that is readily available. Now a day’s it’s nearly impossible to think of one industry that hasn’t implemented mobile manufacturing into their daily workflows and the manufacturing industry is no exception.

From the warehouse shop floor to the front office mobile devices and their apps have played a key role resulting in end to end visibility. We’ve  outlined the pros of integrating mobile manufacturing into your business and now have researched what organizations need to know when it comes to implementing mobile technologies.

Here’s what we found:

  1. Implement for the End User

An organization must first understand what problems needs to be solved within the company before starting on this journey of mobile implementation and this requires research. Along with research companies must be able to answer a few key questions:

  • Who will be using the app? Will it be the assembly line, the maintenance staff or sales reps?
  • What kind of device will the app be used? A smartphone, tablet?

Once the questions above are answered, it becomes more evident the best way to develop and implement.

  1. Don’t neglect security

Organizations are under attack, and security breaches are always making headlines. Today’s global community of hackers is creating advanced threats and launching it into organizations through a variety of attack routes. While no mobile app can prevent 100 percent of the attacks from entering, you’ll want to ensure that there are built-in security safeguards which will protect your organization’s digital assets.

The SMS Group can help you find the perfect mobile technology strategy for your organization and can guide you through the process of purchase and installation. Our team even develops custom applications. Contact us to learn more about successes we’ve seen and how to take steps toward greater operating efficiencies in your environment.



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