22 Oct

Desktop vs. Mobile – Which is Better to Support your Operations Workflow?

Mobile technology and workflows are a defining characteristic of how the modern enterprise and business works. Everywhere you turn, most like it’s going mobile. While computer desktops and laptops are still widely used in traditional workplace settings, tablet and mobile use have increased dramatically in the past few years. But which would work better in your organization’s workflow.


Desktop vs. Mobile Technology

According to Forbes, “Desktop computers are beyond inconvenient. You can’t take them with you easily, they tie you not just to a specific building but a specific room in that building to be able to use them. That’s less than ideal for lots of people.” While there are still work tasks that are more suited for a desktop computer, lines are becoming blurred. While the death of the desktop is greatly exaggerated, their use in a manufacturing environment has undoubtedly dwindled due to increased availability and use of mobile devices and tablets.

Mobile Devices & Getting the Job Done

Recent technology advancements have boosted the value of the smartphone in the warehouse. Many warehouse operations are now done digitally. Mobile devices are lightweight and can be carried around wherever needed. They’ve become critical components in workflows where it’s beneficial to workers who are continually moving.

What unites the various kinds of device and their add-ons are the Operating System (OS) types they run. Most devices run a version of either Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android system.

Which is better?

It isn’t a question of which device is better overall, but of which tool is better for you and your organization’s workflow. Mobile computers and smartphones ultimately perform the same function, however, they differ in how they are made and how they can be handled. The beautiful thing about today’s mobile technology is that it is global: Workers of all ages are familiar with technology. More familiarity equals less training, which means fewer errors, and more efficient workflows.

The SMS Group can help you find the perfect mobile technology strategy for your organization and can guide you through the process of purchase and installation. Our team even develops custom applications. Contact us to learn more about successes we’ve seen and how to take steps toward greater operating efficiencies in your environment.

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