08 Nov

Item-level RFID Technology: A Key Tool in the Supply Chain

There are a variety of different types of RFID technology, tags, and readers out there—each suited to different types of environments. Item-level radio frequency identification (RFID) tagging has experienced significant advances over the past decade and has assumed an essential role in supporting assembly lines, logistics, and supply chain management processes.  It perhaps represents one of the most significant opportunities for businesses to improve operations throughout the supply chain. When utilized by each part of the supply chain, item-level RFID delivers meaningful, tangible benefits including visibility of product movement, streamline distribution, improvements in demand forecasting and makes manufacturing more responsive.

Item-level tagging in Distribution and Logistics

Item-level RFID provides the warehouse with an ideal tool to access real-time delivery of data. Communication barriers are  eliminated and real-time visibility of products within the supply chain increase resulting in stronger collaboration. RFID also provides distributors with a holistic, real-time view of the center’s overall inventory. With it, businesses improve demand forecasting, workflow issues and can expand capabilities within their operations.

Item-Level tagging in Manufacturing

Item-level RFID tagging enables manufacturers to implement leaner business practices that result in higher revenue and profits. Businesses can now make faster and more accurate decisions with access to detailed, contextualized manufacturing process data. With a more in-depth understanding at item-level, manufacturers better forecast demand at the distributor level.  Additionally, manufacturers can better monitor work in progress ensuring the right materials are being used to produce the right products for the order.

When used by each party within the supply chain, item-level tagging can be leveraged to improve processes, reduce costs and increase profit margins. Determining the right RFID system for your operations is an important process. Ask these 4 questions to help guide you in selecting which RFID is right for you.

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