Whatever your business needs, The SMS Group will work with you to bring clarity to your operations through data collection and integration. One client was searching for a way to increase insight and find new efficiencies for their manufacturing processes. They needed an efficient method to track lubrication usage in a rugged shop floor environment.

A purpose-built application for industrial environments

The SMS Group knows that in business, the bottom line is the ultimate priority. You need systems that function in tough environments to quickly deliver ROI and help you meet your goals in production and efficiency. The SMS Group accomplishes this by combining hardware expertise and custom software development to deliver proven results.

Hardware expertise

The SMS Group helped the client select the right hardware for their business needs—in this case, read/write RFID tags and durable RFID readers from Zebra. The recommended hardware was reliable and met the performance and pricing needs of the client.

Custom software development

The SMS Group worked with the client to create a new program for the handheld RFID readers. The program leads users through a streamlined process that records tank ID, amount and type of lubrication being added, and the date and time. This information is uploaded daily to a database where reports can be generated and analyzed at the click of a button.

Proven results

As data is gathered and analyzed, the client can visualize which machines are using more lubricant, and direct maintenance teams to the machines that need attention before a breakdown occurs. With the insight available through their purpose-built application, the client has been able to improve performance and use less lubricant overall.

Additional Solutions

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