03 Aug

CASE STUDY: Integrated, low TCO solution replaces punch clock

A manufacturing company with an aging manual punch clock needed a new solution that would integrate with their Plex ERP system, enable quick, efficient clock-in procedures, eliminate the opportunity for buddy punching, and store transactional data in the event of power failure.

Manual time clock allows for inaccurate data

Prior to partnering with The SMS Group, the organization utilized a manual punch clock to track time and attendance. While simple, the mechanism lacked the ability to integrate with the company’s ERP system and the aging equipment required regular (and expensive) tune-ups and software maintenance. It also left the door open for buddy punching – the practice of clocking in or out for a friend or co-worker, to inflate hours worked or avoid penalties for showing up late or leaving early.

Between the manual entry required due to the lack of integration with the ERP system and the ability for employees to fool the system, the data in the system was not as accurate as it should be.

Integrating biometric scanning with Plex system exceeds business requirements

To address these issues, The SMS Group worked with the company to develop Time Collection for Plex,
a cost-effective biometric hardware/software solution.

The new system addressed all of the customers initial concerns and more, providing:

  • Seamless integration with their Plex ERP system,
  • Biometric fingerprint read,
  • Batch storage,
  • Cost effective hardware,
  • Intuitive user interface,And more.


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The company’s Infrastructure Manager also appreciated how easy the solution was to set up and maintain.

Resulting in a seamless, future-proof solution

Future proofingThe Time Collection for Plex has positively impacted the company in a variety of ways. First, the cost-effective hardware is easier to maintain and has a lower total cost of ownership than the punch clock.

Second, the solution offers options for individually assigning groups of users to specific devices right at their workstation. Because employees clock in and out from their workstation, it assures that time paid is time worked. The system also eliminates downtime during routine system updates and unplanned outages with its batch storage capabilities.

Lastly, it accurately records and stores attendance, reducing issues during outages where a manager must manually record time stamps, eliminating buddy punching, and integrating seamlessly with Plex.

Let us help

The Time Collection for Plex is just one example of a custom solution The SMS Group can develop for partners, resolving business critical issues for manufacturing, logistics, or warehousing companies. Our team can build you custom solutions to business goals, or lead you to existing solutions like the Time Collection. Contact us online to learn more or call 937-498-2700.

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