07 Dec

Mobile Applications & Today’s Workforce

Demands for enterprise mobility have become a reality in today’s workforce, and employers are turning to mobile apps to meet these demands.  A recent study from the Harvard Business Review found that a company culture that enable mobile options have happier, more productive employees that are less likely to quit. Even more noteworthy is that mobility and flexibility is valued across all generations, not exclusively Millennial’s. Employees, now more than ever are gravitating towards innovative workplaces who use cutting-edge tools and applications. Business need to be tech-savvy.

We’ve outlined the competitive edge mobile devices have in today’s modern enterprise. Here are 3 ways mobile apps are helping today’s workforce.

  1. Increase Revenue & Reduce Operational Costs – Providing the right tools at the right time for employees to do their jobs improves employee experience and helps employees execute business processes and functions efficiently.
  2. Better Training – Modern-day employees expect a lot more from trainings compared to the workforce 20 years ago. Organizations need to provide flexible and exciting approaches to keep their employees engaged. Today’s employees look for the flexibility to learn on the device of their choice.
  3. Improved Workplace Communication -The digital workplace is all about the employees’ ability to do their job by collaborating, communicating and connecting with others. The goal is to forge productive business relationships within and beyond natural work groups.

The SMS Group can help you find the perfect mobile technology strategy for your organization and can guide you through the process of purchase and installation. Our team even develops custom applications. Contact us to learn more about successes we’ve seen and how to take steps toward greater operating efficiencies in your environment. Contact us online to learn more or call 937-498-2700.


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