26 Feb

Future Proof Your Supply Chain

Today’s businesses run on information. You need to know where your products, people, and assets are in real-time. This requires data capture solutions you can rely upon under all conditions. If we were to pull back all the layers of the world’s supply chain, the core functionality each company must possess is accurate labeling and data capture solutions. The simplest barcode label is essential to any company’s success. When companies are faced with the challenges presented by the “Amazon effect” in that the consumer expects two-day or next-day shipments, as well as fast returns you cannot afford to let an unreadable barcode, or an unreliable printer slow you processing and fulfillment strategy down.

The e-fulfillment revolution is forcing change across every part of the supply chain. To remain competitive, companies must invest in the purchasing the right labeling solutions to future-proof their supply chain.

Optimized Labels

Barcoding and labeling enables efficiency while delivering an accurate inventory count. Labels provide a digital voice to your assets and often experience the harshest conditions. Be sure to test out your labels in the actual areas they will be used to see if whether they will hold up to environmental rigors. Watch this video to see if these labeling landmines are a hidden threat to your business.

Printer Supplies Quality

The quality of the printer supplies directly impacts printer uptime, workforce productivity, customer service quality, and total ownership cost. Barcode printers that deliver trouble-free, industrial-grade label printing will help you keep pace with evolving business challenges.

Let Us Help

For more than 30 years, the SMS Group has helped customers deploy innovative data collection solutions to improve their operations.  Our team of experts can help you integrate diverse data collection, distribution, and processing technologies to give you the real-time information and insight you need to drive better performance and boost bottom-line results.  From the big picture to the crucial details, The SMS Group gives you the power to track, analyze, and improve everything in your supply chain. Contact us online to learn more or call 937-498-2700.

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