26 Sep


Every company’s goal is to get more done in less time. To this end, using SAP Business One as an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution and warehouse management system (WMS) is a great way to help organize and manage manufacturing sales, purchasing, inventory and production in a single software solution. However, collecting data faster and more accurately is only half the battle — you also must know how to process it efficiently.

Picking thousands of items in a day can quickly become inefficient and error-prone if the right tools and technologies aren’t available. Inefficiency breeds inaccuracy. Fortunately, manufacturers can implement a data collection mobile solution to increase efficiency and, thus, productivity and accuracy in manufacturing, warehouse, and distribution center facilities.


Leading manufacturers are turning to mobile data collection applications to keep their businesses running efficiently. The SMS Group’s Shop Floor Data Collection (SFDC) mobile solution captures data and records transactions quickly and accurately, extending the functionality of SAP B1 to your shop floor. SFDC is a simple mobile app that lets employees capture and validate data, as well as perform transactions from virtually anywhere. SFDC connects directly to SAP B1 and records transactions in real-time which allows employees to capture data and record transactions quickly and accurately with the same device they use to run the app.


Using The SMS Group’s mobile solution, you can eliminate stacks of barcoded documents that typically clutter the shop floor. You can scan a purchase order, shipper, or job order number and then electronically select the items to be received, shipped, and issued. You can also use the app to find inventory locations rapidly and easily store, transfer, or issue material. It’s a timely, efficient, and mobile way to get data into SAP B1. Our mobile data collection solution makes manufacturers more efficient, profitable, and competitive.


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If you want to put industry-leading technology to work in your manufacturing, warehouse, or distribution center facilities, contact The SMS Group. Our passion is data collection and integration—implementing the solutions you need to bring accuracy and efficiency to your business.

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