29 Jul

5 Benefits of Establishing a Hands-free, Fully Connected Workforce

Every task worker without mobile access to relevant information is forced to take more steps and more time to complete tasks. This can leave businesses unprepared for rising consumer demands, erode operational efficiency, cause more shipping errors, and increase downtime. Studies show that at least 46% of unplanned downtime is due to hardware failure and malfunction, leading businesses to waste at least $100,000 every hour on downtime. Additionally, studies show that 75% of light industrial businesses don’t feel fully prepared for customer demands in 2022, and 60% struggled to keep pace with increased demand last year. In other words, without technology solutions that can enhance mobile access and equip your workers with real-time access to relevant information, it is almost impossible to keep up with consumer expectations and efficiently complete orders.

Connecting your disconnected workers with wearable technology.

Despite dynamic warehouse operations, task assignment can be simpler with a connected workforce. Now, connecting your disconnected workers is easy with Zebra’s WS50 mobile computer. The SMS Group is portal certified and partners with Zebra to link teams with Zebra’s WS50 mobile computer. Give your workers mobile access to the information they need with:

  1. Maximum functionality and flexibility – Equipping your workers with one lighter, smaller, user-friendly mobile device to capture and access data helps them stay flexible to adapt to demands. With three different wearing styles, Android’s enterprise-class wearable WS50 mobile computer is ideal for virtually any environment. A device that is capable of use in challenging environments helps improve productivity and maintain consistent visibility across your warehouse.
  2. Scalability and stronger wireless connections your business needs – In enterprise environments, your workers need constant connections to their teams to address issues. The WS50 prioritizes this with standard WiFi, Bluetooth, and NFC connections to enable robust connections and easy one-tap connections to Bluetooth peripherals. This ensures a secure connection to boost communication. Meet your needs for today and tomorrow with new features for superior scalability
  3. A purpose-built design that makes it easier for your workers to navigate tasks – With the WS50, you can empower every task worker with a real-time connection to the information, tools, and team needed to get the job done. This ensures that each worker will always know their tasks to increase uptime. The WS50’s design also enables easy deployment and management with Mobility DNA StageNow enables easy staging with a simple scan of a barcode or tap of an NFC tag. This simplifies task management in virtually any environment.
  4. A versatile design configured for virtually any task in various environments – Choosing from different wearing styles delivers enhanced versatility for virtually any worker in any environment. The WS50’s converged two-finger and back-of-hand models are ideal for scan-intensive, rugged applications like when workers are loading trucks and putting away items. The wrist-mounted model is ideal for workers who need a mobile device for task management and occasional barcode scanning.
  5. Android’s intelligent operating system – Expect familiar functionality that speeds up adoption rates with less training times, so workers can get productive a lot faster. Moreover, Android’s open app ecosystem empowers you to create and modify crucial applications as needed, providing competitive scalability as your teams face new challenges.

Equipping your workforce with stronger connections and hands-free technology helps your workers complete more tasks with less stress. Step ahead of supply chain challenges when you contact us at The SMS Group to see how you can implement the Zebra’s WS50 to maximize operational efficiency.

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