18 Jun

Is Your Supply Chain Future-Ready?

The e-fulfillment revolution is forcing change across every part of the supply chain and our on-demand economy has increased the complexity of how we do business.

In this blog post, we are going to analyze these new emerging fulfillment challenges that come with omnichannel logistics and how the SMS Group can provide you with solutions that will help provide your front-line workers with the technology they need to have a performance edge.

Consumer buying trends are causing disruption in the supply chain.  The on-demand economy has raised consumer expectations for faster delivery, order volume, item variety, inventory visibility and value—regardless of whether they are buying online, in-store or a more complex combination of the two.  We are all consumers and the reality is, while we increasingly demand the convenience of ordering merchandise with a click, we’re not willing to sacrifice much, if any, of the instant gratification of in-store shopping. So how are companies preparing for this increase in demand in order and delivery complexity?

Adopting enterprise mobile technology is the foundation of the digitized supply chain. Automating workflows for inventory validation will provide front-line workers with a system of reality they can depend on. If your business is already automated, modernizing your enterprise mobile technology brings new capabilities and increases to worker productivity – the digitization of the supply chain is a critical step in achieving a higher level of collaboration with industry partners.

Digitizing your supply chain does not have to be done all at once. It can be taken in small incremental steps.

  • First equip your workers with modern mobile technology to optimize their workflows
  • Next, ensure you have good staff communication and management through the use of your selected technology

In our last blog post we took a look at the latest enterprise mobile technology MC9300, this handheld mobile computer is just one solution our partners at Zebra designed to equip workers based on their workflow needs. Get the ultimate in workforce productivity and operational efficiency in your organization from The SMS Group. Contact us  to learn more.


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