20 Aug

The Benefits of Mobile Printing in Warehouse Operations

As e-commerce continues to grow exponentially, it is now more critical than ever before for industrial and warehousing to operate continuously and reliably even in the harshest conditions. Organizations who implement and train their workforce using mobile technology are already seeing how beneficial the technology is. Organizations are reporting a 3% increase in employee productivity and efficiency, 75% customer & partner satisfaction, and a 57% increase order fulfillment accuracy. In this blog post, we examine how mobile printing benefits warehousing operations.

Advantages of Mobile Printing

Mobile printing not only makes warehouse labeling operations more convenient, but also improves productivity, and reduces labeling errors. Organizations can apply the time savings and labeling accuracy benefits that mobile printers provide to many standard warehouse processes.

A great benefit about mobile printers is they can go wherever employees go. For example, it is common practice for organizations to print batches of labels for incoming goods at a central IT office after receiving an advance ship notice from a supplier. The labels are stored in the office and retrieved by a receiving employee when the shipment arrives. This process requires the receiving employee to make a time-consuming round trip between the dock and the office. Eliminating this time-consuming process and implementing mobile printers can produce productivity gains and accuracy improvement.

Mobile printing is also useful in warehouses and distribution centers where light assembly occurs including when employees place items into packaging. When assembly or packaging is complete, employees can immediately generate a label to identify the finished goods using their mobile printers.

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