30 Jun

The New Normal: Rethinking Technologies to Improve Worker Safety and Efficiency

As another month in quarantine ends, cities are slowly starting to reopen parts of their business sectors. Step by step, we are seeing the economy starting to come back to life. Businesses and their leaders are looking to technology to reopen the workplace as quickly as possible while keeping employees, customers, and communities safe.

Companies are rethinking their strategies and technologies to improve production efficiency while preserving a healthy working environment. The SMS Group, in partnership with Datalogic, is ready to support these new needs with a comprehensive range of products and solutions addressing several applications used in the Retail, Healthcare, Transportation & Logistics, and Manufacturing industries. In this blog post, we examine how transportation and logistics companies have shifted their technologies to improve worker safety and efficiency.

Transportation & Logistics

For nearly a decade, we have witnessed rapid progress toward a new paradigm for moving people and goods. Powered by quickly evolving technologies, new business models, and shifting societal expectations, a future of mobility that is more sustainable, equitable, efficient, and convenient than today seemed inevitable, even if the precise timing and nature of that transformation were uncertain.

Since COVID 19 became prevalent in the U.S., it seemed as though in a matter of days, delivery turned from convenience to necessity, especially in the grocery, food service, and healthcare segments. Many businesses that required a signature on a mobile device as proof of delivery before the pandemic have had to modify this requirement to follow CDC social distancing guidelines. More and more companies are turning to using the integrated camera to take a picture of the goods delivered at the front door, which allows for a true contactless delivery. The SMS Group’s software packages for transportation and logistics companies provide an adaptable array of data collection technologies to deliver the insight needed to identify and eliminate sources of inefficiency.


Intralogistics support for enhanced fulfillment requirements

While companies were dealing with few big shipping batches to distribution centers in the past, they must create many small ‘custom‐tailored’ shipments for asset tracking. There is now an increased pressure to guarantee high‐level standards in order fulfillment is rising, and operators need to take care of order preparation and delivery in an efficient and error‐proof way while respecting the safety recommendations.


Let Us Help

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across the U.S. and globally must ensure operations of essential functions while also providing a safer working environment to critical infrastructure workers in Healthcare, Retail, Manufacturing, and Transportations & Logistics. The SMS Group is ready to support various technological implementation needs with a comprehensive range of partner offerings and solutions for every industry. Contact us today to get started.

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