30 Oct

3 Ways to Be Sure That Your Field Mobility Strategy Will Work

When it comes to field service, ensuring ROI is no easy task. Outside of your building, unpredictable factors like traffic, weather, and unfamiliar locations make it more difficult to feel certain that you’ve chosen the right strategy.

Fortunately, there are things you can do to improve your confidence in your field mobility strategy. Zebra’s blog highlights three driving forces behind effective field mobility strategy. By familiarizing yourself with these important principles, you ensure that your technology investment meets the needs of your field service team and empowers them to serve your customers and perform effectively.

Know your priorities

Before evaluating any devices or applications, it’s essential to gain internal agreement on the most important elements of your technology.

  • Where does security rank in relation to ease-of-use?
  • Which features are most important, and which could your team live without?

Making these decisions before you begin your investigation will make the process more effective.

Technology choices must be based on activities

This may seem obvious, but it’s worth making sure that all device and application choices are based on the activities being conducted by your field staff. In contrast, many organizations are tempted to look primarily at cost, and may overlook the negative impact that cheaper, less-effective technology has on the field service process. If a solution limits the effectiveness of your team, it may not actually be saving you money.

Look at Total Cost of Ownership

When evaluating devices, take a broad look at the options available to you. Compare the tradeoffs between cheaper consumer-grade smartphones and tablets and the durability, reliability, and functionality of enterprise-grade devices. Try to estimate the cost of repairing and replacing devices and consider how many backups you may need to purchase, depending on your choice.

Lastly, talk to experts. The SMS Group has experience helping organizations in Ohio and around the country choose technology that improves the efficiency and performance of their operations. Whether you’re looking for data-collection devices or for help in implementing and supporting them, put our expertise to work for you. Contact The SMS Group today.

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