26 Oct

Improving Field Service Workflow

Technologies like barcode scanners, RFID tags, and other data collection tools are increasingly deployed in factories and warehouses around the world. As it turns out, taking these technologies outside the four walls of your facility can help your business too.

With more than 7 of every ten field service workers expected to use mobile technology devices by 2018[i], the power of these systems isn’t a secret anymore. More and more organizations are realizing the power of data collection technology to help their field service workflow run smoothly. So can you.

Reduce DSO to improve organizational cashflow

The simpler you make the payment process, the faster your customers will pay you. It’s easy to create instant, error-free invoices electronically with field service applications. In some cases your team can collect payment at the point of service with mobile technology.

Eliminate costly confusion with automated scheduling and route planning

41% of service organizations report that the rising volume of service requests is a primary factor in their decision to adopt mobile technology. It makes sense. The busier your schedule is, the more difficult it becomes to ensure that your field service team makes it to every service call as quickly and efficiently as possible. GPS-enabled devices, combined with field service apps, provide real-time visibility and help simplify the dispatch process.

Improve process compliance

Whether your team members need to follow specific processes due to regulatory requirements or simply to adhere to your organization’s step-by-step workflow, mobile software can provide an easy-to-use process checklist for every action in a service call.

Cut paper out of the process

If your team is recording service data manually, errors are inevitable. Switching to a mobile app removes uncertainty, eliminates errors, and helps you feel more confident that the records your field service team brings back will line up with your customers’ experience.

Find the source of shrinkage

Using barcode scanners or RFID tag readers, field service technicians can track inventory at every step of the process. These technologies make it easy to create a detailed record of inventory location without monopolizing employee time for cycle counts or other time-consuming processes.

Are you looking for help implementing field service technology? The SMS Group can help. From barcode scanners to custom-built mobile applications, the team at The SMS Group will work with you to find the best route to field service connectivity.

[i] http://www.rapidvaluesolutions.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/12/Field-Service-Mobility-Infographics.jpg

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