12 Mar

6 Steps for Flawless Fulfillment

The warehouse is a crucial hub when it comes to order processing and fulfillment. Business around the country can no longer rely on a one-size-fits-all approach.

Instead, they need to establish a system that fine-tunes the fulfillment process. We examine the six crucial steps our partners at Zebra outlined for flawless fulfillment.

Step 1: Deploy Industrial Wireless Solutions – When deploying these systems your business gains real-time access to the WMS, which provides a reliable user interface on a range of devices to enhance worker productivity. Deploying an industrial wireless solution also helps to assure efficiency with location capabilities that identify the presence of workers, assets and vehicles for best task management.

Step 2: Improve Staff Communications and Management – Mobility empowers your warehouse managers to get out of the office and back on the warehouse floor with the rest of your staff by enabling the extension of all the necessary desktop tools right to the palms of their hands. Utilizing devices that have both voice and data capabilities and are built to endure the harsh environment of the warehouse will improve staff communication and management.

Step 3: Streamline Order Picking Processes – When adding real-time access to your order and inventory business systems, you can automatically deliver electronic picking orders to a mobile device. When workers scan a shelf tag, barcode or RFID tag, they can receive instant verification that the right item has been picked, and the item is instantly deducted from inventory. This streamlines the order picking process.

Step 4: Advanced Inventory and Storage Capabilities – Mobile asset tracking solution can completely automate the assets tracking process and provide up-to-the-minute information through advanced data capture. A fully automated system is an accurate and cost-effective way to track your products.

Step 5: Upgrade Inbound Handling Operations – At the receiving dock, mobile allows for workers to be more accurate and more productive. A simple scan of a barcode or RFID tag enables incoming shipments to be identified and verified in real time.

Step 6: Turnaround Outbound Handling Performance – Mobility can streamline the final stages of order fulfillment, ensuring that the right order contains the right products, and is shipped to the right customer. When customers a receive their shipment within the promised time frame, your business customer satisfaction and retention are maximized.

Leveraging mobility in the warehouse can reduce costs, result in better customer service and higher profitability margins. The SMS Group provides a comprehensive suite of solutions focused on bringing clarity to your manufacturing processes. From the big picture to the crucial details, The SMS Group gives you the power to track, analyze, and improve everything about your warehouse. Contact us online to learn more or call 937-498-2700.

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