12 Feb

The Crossroads of Communications and RFID

In the manufacturing world, efficiency is everything. Manufacturers are under constant pressure to save time and increase volume while keeping production costs low.

Cell phones, once seen as a complete distraction in manufacturing environments now function as networks that support users professionally. Combined with the advancement of RFID, both are paving the way to make businesses profitable and efficient workforces.

Apps Make RFID Accessible

Mobile applications have evolved in the marketplace and have now become a critical tool in every industry, including the manufacturing industry. Application advances have changed the way the manufacturing industry views cell phones; less of a personal device and more an all-in-one communications and RFID management tool. An employee can easily install the designated application on his or her phone, which then will be to be used in conjunction with their company’s RFID tags and readers.

RFID technology provides a competitive edge in the manufacturing sector. Manufacturers can trust that incorporating RFID into their business is a viable option to help them stand out from the competition and succeed. RFID delivers more accurate logistics reporting with 3D visualization, in addition to decreasing damages and losses. Additionally, data is easily shared or can be searched company-wide as it becomes available on an app. Having real-time updates available is a convenience that benefits both a business and its customers. Rather than replacing RFID, cell phones and its’ applications are becoming their newest partner.

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