15 Nov

A Complete Manufacturing Solution – Android Devices

The manufacturing industry is highly automated. This is how it has always been. However, we’ve seen a shift in the last decade – mobile technologies are rapidly moving into every area of manufacturing and the battle to eliminate waste and inefficiency has become the key to saving businesses from being obsolete against the competition. Most companies in the industry credit their success to the use of state-of-the-art manufacturing apps- keeping their employees accountable, efficient and mobile. Additionally, using the right technology maintains and improves quality, reduces downtime and improves traceability.

Android has become the world’s most popular mobile operating system meaning there is a shorter learning curve for users because so many people are now familiar with the intuitive interface. We’ve discussed the best practices for effective mobile manufacturing. Now we look at the top reasons why manufacturers are choosing Android to bridge the gap between people and machines in the era of automation.

  1. Improves Data Capture – Data is an integral part of any industry, but especially manufacturing. Production lot tracking, maintaining the quality of raw materials, compliance with environmental regulations, tracking of samples and many other vital tasks are more accurate with reduced risk of error. Manufacturers save time and improve both quality and performance, by capturing stage-level data throughout the supply chain.
  1. Customization – Android offers more options for customization based on the needs of your business. Developers can easily tweak existing apps and make them more contemporary in their features and functionality. Simplifying and customizing mobile applications for specific roles within manufacturing processes will help increase adoption and minimize necessary training, ultimately benefiting workers at all levels of the company.
  1. Process Compliance – Even in areas where manual processes are still required, access to digital information in real time is essential to ensure compliance. Transparency is a crucial issue; quality, maintenance, and operations teams must all have visibility of the records they need and must also be accountable for their parts of the process. The risk of human error is reduced with Android and the potential for productivity and collaboration is enhanced.


The SMS Group provides a comprehensive suite of solutions focused on bringing clarity to your manufacturing processes. In your battle for efficiency and profitability, our products and services give you the insight to identify and eliminate sources of waste and lost production. From the big picture to the crucial details, The SMS Group gives you the power to track, analyze, and improve everything about your shop.  Contact us online to learn more or call 937-498-2700.


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