Dear Valued Customer:


The SMS Group is committed to providing our customers up to date and accurate information regarding the Covid-19 coronavirus.  The mandatory quarantines and shutdowns issued by the Chinese government caused some minor delays in our lead-times on certain devices manufactured in these regions.  As we continue to monitor this situation, we are taking all reasonable steps to minimize the impact on our customer base.


While the supply chain is still functioning, this is a very fluid situation and the status seems to move on a day to day basis.  We encourage all our current customers with active projects consider placing these orders earlier than later to ensure no interruptions to your business plans.


Placing your orders early will help us ensure that your project receives priority and helps us support your mission critical roll-outs.  We are working with our distribution partners closely and if we have visibility on upcoming roll-outs we will work with you and our distribution partners on stocking levels to assist you in meeting your deadlines.


There have been many questions concerning cleaning and best practices when it comes to devices.  As always, follow best practices with your device and clean your device often.  Think of it like washing your hands, just apply this to your device.  Please see the whitepaper on best practices when it comes to device cleaning.

This whitepaper was written for the healthcare industry, however, many of the practices apply across the board.


We thank you for being a loyal SMS Group customer and will continue to keep you updated as we receive information from our trusted partners.


Best Regards,


Greg Kiefer

General Manager

The SMS Group

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