27 Aug

Taking Command of the On-Demand Economy

For today’s companies, the Internet of Things (IoT) is no longer coming—it’s here. Real-time insight into operations can help enterprises of any size differentiate themselves from competitors and capture a performance edge. Data insights from the technologies can open up a world of new commercial opportunities, but without the right skills or resources, companies could miss out on taking command of the on-demand economy.

Earlier this month we discussed the results from Zebra’s 2019 Warehousing Vision Study. Based on the input of 1,400 global warehouse leaders, 40% reported an increase in consumer demand as a top driver for growth and 46% cited faster delivery to end-customers as a primary factor in their company’s growth plan. Operational and IT decision makers have begun the transforming their warehouse operations due to the surge of e-commerce.

Current Challenges

Most manufacturers have already implemented Internet of Things (IoT) solutions or are in the process of integrating IoT devices and machines. However, for those who have not adapted to the new reality, they are faced with 6 challenges.

  1. Worker Productivity – Legacy devices cause delay, double entries, errors and backlogs
  2. Inventory – Products can be hiding in plain sight causing out of stocks
  3. Team Communications – Managers are stuck inside the office using outdated technology, instead of out on the warehouse floor
  4. Picking – Pickers struggle to find inventory and don’t have insight into every products location and condition
  5. Inbound – Operational delays caused by not being able to see real time insights and poor inventory management
  6. Outbound – Delivery delays caused by inefficient packing, staging, and loading


Making Modernization Manageable

Companies need a reliable performance from their devices and enterprise systems. In warehousing, efficiency and success are far more complicated than simply having the right processes, space utilization and picking optimization. Warehouses are now faced with high customer expectations, transparency demands, global competition and shorter delivery deadlines. To meet these major challenges, companies are making modernization manageable by implementing the best tools and devices to stay connected. Additionally, these devices have real-time visibility into their inventory, people and processes, wherever they are in the supply chain. Equipping workers with modern technology in turn supercharges warehouse operations.  Moving from outdated Windows to Android devices, warehouses are able to handle the volume and velocity of e-commerce. The result: Optimized picking, consolidated processes, real-time inventory information and on-time deliveries that are accurate. Speed, cost savings, consistency and most importantly, satisfied customers.


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