20 Jan

Your Last Chargeback Ever. Four Ways to Eliminate Chargebacks for Good

Problem: SIMPLE mistakes—ones that can be avoided—can be costly. Shipping the wrong item, sending the wrong volume, or misplacing a label can all lead to chargebacks.

Solution: By investing in the right technologies, processes, and training, you can eliminate chargebacks for good. The following are excellent examples of chargeback-stopping strategies you can implement right now:

Automate your data collection – Use mobile computers and barcode scanners to remove human error from the picking, packing, and shipping process. Computers can alert pickers if they pull or scan the wrong item, and data can be tracked minute-by-minute to monitor the status of your inventory and orders so that you never miss a shipping deadline.

Implement RFID technology – RFID further eliminates human error from the labeling process by automatically generating Advance Shipping Notices (ASNs) when the items pass through a scanner. Additionally, by interfacing with your EPS or custom management system, RFID scanners can provide a backlog of shipping information that allows you to contest erroneous chargebacks.

Invest in custom software controls – Further streamline your shipping process by investing in purpose-built software for your team. Custom software features interfaces and workflows optimized for your company’s unique process, eliminating any confusion or ambiguity that can lead to user error.

Maintain the best printers, always – Labels must be clear, scannable, and properly formatted. Prevent label-related chargebacks by investing in and maintaining the quality of your label printers. Quality printers consistently produce clear labels durable enough to withstand the shipping process.

Here’s a fifth one on the house – Do your due diligence. Train, implement, improve, and train again. Everyone must be 100 percent aware of the processes, technologies, and why they go together the way that they do. Never slack on the discipline required and make sure that everyone is onboard. Remember, all of this is there to help the most important piece: your team. All of the processes, software, and technologies are only designed to aid, not to completely do it for you.

Remember, your product belongs on your customers’ shelves, not returned to yours. Contact SMS today to see how we can work with you to improve your processes and make sure you never see a chargeback on a statement again.

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